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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts of the system and expound.

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Promoting quality mental health care for all…

Enhancing the mental health awareness

Caring for child and adolescent mental health

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Research work on “Short term outcome in Early Onset Schizophrenia and its correlates”- has been submitted to NIMHANS (Deemed University), Bangalore, India, as partial fulfilment of M.D. degree.

Indian Psychiatric Society

“Use of Buprenorphine in opioid dependence – a study from south India” poster presented at 62nd Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, 17-20th January, 2010, Jaipur.

Founder Message

Bodhi Mind Hospital is an exclusive Mental Health establishment situated at the courtallam - Tenkasi state highway. The Hospital is established with a vision of quality mental health care for all.

It is started by the renowned psychiatrist Dr. KARTHIK DURAISAMY MD Psy FIACAM. along with the woman behind Mrs. Neelaveni karthik MBA Msc Psy DSE, special educator and child psychologist. It has been inaugurated on 11th of November 2020, amidst Covid 19 pandemic with a simple social gathering of doctors and friends.

Our Team


Dr.Karthik Duraiswamy


Mrs.Neelaveni Karthik

welcome to Bodhi Mind Hospital

Improving the quality of mental health care in all dimensions for all

Bodhi Mind Hospital is situated in the green lush environment of the foot hills of Western Ghats on the banks of courtallam waterfalls water channels. with 6/12 months rainfall of breezy drizzle with organic spicy tinge, makes this quiet place perfect for the mental health care and rehabilitation.

20 Years Professional Experience

At our hospital, we practice modern medicine -allopathic psychiatric treatment and care with all recent advanced techniques in neuro-psychiatry with the touch of cultural and traditional touch. We also administer various psychological testing and counseling, admixed with yogic practices.

Dr.Karthik Duraiswamy

CEO, Bodhi Mind Hospital
Why Choose us

Promoting positive mental health for all and preventing mental illness by early identification.

Our staff crew here includes the team of well trained psychologists, psychiatric social workers, psychiatric nursing professionals, special educator and ayush/yoga therapist. They all have been trained to handle the patients in various emotions with empathy in a professional way.

Satisfied psychosocial services

24 hrs psychiatric service

Dedicated and expert mental health professionals

Detailed psychological assessment and follow up

Patients Feedback

Kind and dedicated professional psychological services

Hospital Information

Bodhi mind hospital has exclusive wide range of treatment options for Mental health… We are provide high quality facilities in our hospital.
Regular out patient service for Dr. Karthik Duraisamy MD psy consultation runs from morning 10am to after noon 2pm. And from 5pm till 8pm on weekdays. However the hospital has 24 hrs paychiatry emergency services and psychiatry casualty services. Hospital also holds a 24x7 helpline no. for emergency online consultation and crisis prevention no. 9790208010. Which will be attened by professionals for any mental health crisis including suicidal prevention.
Patients can come for admission 24x7 at any time.. The hospital has fully equipped in patient facility including safe supervised rooms, friendly professionals, counseling psychologists and yoga therapist. The in hospital care will be holistic and rejunevating care for the mind sufferers.
All forms of latest mind care facilities and treatments at par with NIMHANS Standards are available..
Some of these are
1.Non invasive brain stimulation
2.Electro consvulsive therapy
3.Electro Encephalogram
4.Trans cranial magnetic stimulation
6.Cognitive behavioral therapy
7.Exposure and response prevention treatments
8.Behavioral modification treatment
9.Aversion therapy